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There’s been some hype about supporting black owned businesses, especially when it comes to our hygiene and care but so many people don’t know what is and isn’t owned by black people so I thought I would share the list I have. 

Black owned:

  •  Carol’s Daughter
  • Afrikan Republic
  • Natural Oasis
  • African Royale
  • Essations Multi-textural
  • Actramoist
  • California Curl
  • Dudley Hair Care
  • Takedown Hair
  • Isoplus
  • African Wonders
  • Luster’s (S’curl, etc.)
  • Extasi Hair products
  • Bronner Brothers
  • ilora L’original Hair products
  • Boundless tresses
  • Nature’s image
  • Royal Roots
  • Diva by Cindy
  • sizta 2 sizta
  • Oyin Products
  • Afroveda
  • hairveda
  • Claudio St. James
  • Global Beauty
  • Black magic (for men)
  • Kizure hair products
  • Mr. Leonardo hair products
  • Princess Kayla’s Natty locks
  • Wonder Gro hair products

Non-Black  Owned:

  • African Pride
  • African Best
  • African Gold
  • Affirm
  • Care Free
  • Creme of Nature
  • Dark and Lovely (L’oreal)
  • Dax
  • Doo Gro (Koran Revlon)
  • Dr. MIracles
  • Mizani (Korean Revlon)
  • Motions (Alberts Culver)
  • Fabulaxer (Korean Revlon)
  • Gentle Treatment (Johnson & Johnson)
  • IC products (Fantasia;Korean)
  • Let’s Jam (L’oreal)
  • Relaxed and Natural
  • Mane N’Tail
  • TCB Aphogee
  • Afro Sheen
  • Soft and Beautiful
  • Perm Repair
  • Parnevu
  • Infusium 23
  • Lekair
  • Nadinola
  • Lutrasilk
  • Vitale
  • Smooth n Shine
  • Sulfur 8
  • Sta-sof-fro
  • Ultra Sheen
  • Wave Nouveau

 But as a side note, if you’re vegan then I’m not sure how many of these products are cruelty free. 

shea moisture is black-owned too (i was so excited when i read about it)!! 

…./stops using motions shampoo/conditioner -____-|| 

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