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so to mask their wea/koreabooness, they use that bastardized “trans-ethnic” identity so they can justify their fetishization of japan and korea.

i mean, it’s just basically a classic middle class white person being bored with their tired ass white life and want some ~*exotic culture*` so they can feel more…well ~*exotic*~.

ugh i hate it. i hate it so much. ngl, i had a weaboo phase too. from 11~13, i was hook-line-and-sinker into ~*japanese culture*~ (it was also tied to my self-hating phase as a black woman). i had chopsticks in my bun, spoke broken japanese, think japan is all about the animanga and video game industry…you know the whole nine yards. i sometimes laugh at it, sometimes feel ashamed of it, etc. it’s a nice story to tell your kids when you’re older, but i also feel really stupid. cause 1) i was disrespecting japanese people 2) fetishized japan 3) bastardize the japanese language 

it’s ultimately wrong and disrespectful and i wish i could apologize 1,000x. thank god i haven’t met any east asian people in my weaboo phase. i would’ve embarrassed myself like woah.

so i could relate to those trans-ethnic folks to a certain point, but i won’t tolerate it at all. it’s pathetic and borderline disgusting. |: 

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    Oh really? That’s really shitty. You take someone who literally are between two cultures, which comes with a lot of...
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    as far as i know, they also co-opted the term “trans-ethnic” from people who were as children literally adopted into a...
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    But I feel like transethnic people are almost mocking the transgender community. There is a difference between...
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